What We Do

At BerniceKatherine International, we facilitate Rehab service/placements, Special Needs placements, Wellness Vacations, Therapy, Senior Homes placements, and Counseling services.

For medical travels, our services include:

  • Facility with procuring a medical visa;
  • Booking travel to the country where the services will be provided;
  • Medical Transport; (repatriation)
  • Consultation with appropriate specialists;
  • Accommodation Reservation;
  • Arrangements for post-Medical care ;
  • Booking into the hospital for the operation;
  • Accommodation for post-operative recuperation;
  • Book travel home from the country where the services have been provided;
  • Arranging emergency insurance coverage for any unexpected serious adverse events arising from the surgery that means prolonged hospitalization and/or a medical flight back to the base;
  • Arranging Travel insurance.

For Special/Private Services, our services include:

  • Rehab Centers: Do you have a loved one who requires rehab care? If you want it done privately and at an affordable cost, contact us. We know how it feels to have a loved one struggling with a substance abuse or alcohol problem, we know the pains of having them committed to special care. We understand its effect on the family and at BKI, we are about wellness, healthy living and a healthy family life; that’s why we have secured partnerships with some of the best private centers across the globe to suit your family’s specific needs.
  • Wellness Vacations: How do you view your vacation getaways? I have heard people say, “When I’m getting ready for a vacation, I try to lose a few pounds, because I know I will be hitting the gym when I get back’’; is this you? Many people view vacations as a time to get away from all the long days at work, and the stress of jostling across locations to a place where they can relax, kick back and forget about daily routines and exercises. Life is too short right? They call it enjoyment, a getaway from routine. For us at BKI, we view vacations as an opportunity to reactivate a healthy lifestyle, a chance to clear your head, hit the reset button and get back into eating healthy, and kick start a healthy exercise and fitness regimen. Those who do manage to keep up with a healthy exercise routine and stay fit year-round may not also want to part with their healthy lifestyle choices when they go away for a week or two, that’s okay by us.
  • Special Needs: How about your special needs ward? We desire the best care to help them grow into their full potentials and live a fulfilled life. Many people across the globe are desirous of such quality care but are constrained by limited resources, lack of information or access to their area of need. BKI has special relationships with various care centers across the globe, to facilitate and deliver to you access to the best care you desire for you and your loved ones.

Remember: “Those who think they have no time for healthy eating…will sooner or later have to find time for illness.”Edward Stanley

We definitely do not want that, that is why; at BKI, we design wellness and vacation packages at very affordable prices to suit your every need and location, from an island getaways, solo meditation, relationship reactivation retreats, couples retreats, and family bonding times, special rehab care. You name it and we make it happen.

We are in partnership with some of the best retreat centers across the globe as well as special treatment centers, rehabs centers as well as private/confidential and special treatments homes.

BKI services are more comprehensive than any competitor in its industry. Its Premium one-stop-shopping will differentiate it from competitors that concentrate on specific packages and/or countries.

For more information, contact us on www.bki-medicals.com or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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