Nourishing your body and participating in physical activities you enjoy, can improve your mental health. Other evidence steps to improve our wellbeing. If you give them a try, you may feel happier, more positive and able to get the most from your life.

1. Connect with the people around you: Having a minimum of 3 people with whom you're close may be enough to protect you from a psychological disorder. The best social relationships in terms of well-being are ones that in which other people are supportive and encouraging, and that you find to be important to your own sense of meaning in life.
Having life goals associated with commitment to social relationships seems particularly helpful as well. If your primary goals in life are to succeed at work, you'll be fated to a life with lower levels of well-being than people who value relationships.
2. Be active: We know that there are many benefits to an active lifestyle, not the least of which includes fewer chronic health problems. In terms of mental health, additionally, high levels of physical activity has a wide range of positive effects. When it comes to physical activity's effects on health, in general the longer and more intense, the better.
3. Be curious: The best type of curiosity to promote well-being goes beyond being interested and engaged in your environment. Mindfulness, in which you deliberately pay attention to what you're sensing, feeling, and thinking, pays off in a heightened sense of self-determination over your behaviour. The more in control you feel about what you do, the better you'll feel about yourself and your experiences. Even when you can't completely control the forces that impact on your life, thinking about your reactions and gaining greater self-understanding can help offset their negative impact.
4. Keep learning: We've already seen that your well-being can be enhanced by curiosity, or mindfulness, and physical activity. Mental stimulation through continued education, formal or otherwise, adds several important components to the mix. First, by exposing yourself to new educational experiences, you might also become more socially active. Taking adult education courses, whether for work or leisure purposes, puts you in situations with others who you would not otherwise have met but who have similar interests. Learning new skills can also boost your sense of self-efficacy.
5. Give: Going beyond your own personal desires or self-interests is one of the best ways to enhance your feelings of well-being. It does feel good to obtain reinforcement in the form of personal rewards, but your overall well-being is more enhanced when you do something for someone else. Luckily, helping others is about one of the easiest behaviours to enact. You don't have to make a huge sacrifice to reap the benefits of a little altruism.

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