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Rest is essential for every human being and one of the ways to relax after a hard day’s job is by having a good and peaceful night sleep. For some people, this comes immediately they hit the sheets while for other, it may take hours of counting the ceiling before they finally get their first dream. Either ways, there is no doubting the fact that proper preparation can help guarantee how good your rest time will be.

First things first, you must make sure that your sleeping environment is a conducive. This means it has to be one without clutter. It must be well aired with proper ventilation or ventilating systems. Now, every lady has to take charge of her wellness by using choice beauty products which will not only enhance skin glow, but also give an almost natural fragrance. Here are 5 tricks to guarantee a good night sleep:

Take a warm bath: It is all too necessary to have a warm bath after a sweaty activity-filled day. You can choose to soak yourself in a bathtub lined with sweet smelling spices or a good body wash (I will suggest those with carotene or the pomegranates) for about 15minutes. Make sure to scrape off all hidden make up marks especially around the eyes. This will help to ease out the nerves and make you more relaxed.

Moisturize: A lot of times, women underestimate the powers of a good moisturizer even though they desire excellent skin glow. Just when your pores have opened up after a warm bath, skin moisturizing is necessary as it will make for skin freshness.

Put on free, comfy, and sexy sleepwear: Yes! You have to look and feel good in order to get a very good night sleep. Wearing thick bum shorts and very tight sleep dresses is not advisable. Your sleep wear must be relatively free, made of soft and comfortable fabric, and easy to put on. Also, to get your man hooked on you, they have to be SEXY. (Visit rcollections.com.ng to shop for your choice lingerie sets).

Meditate: Research has shown that the act of personal meditation creates a relaxing sense. This is why in recent times, more people opt for say yoga classes rather than dance classes. It is advisable to take few minutes at the end of your day to meditate and scheme through the day’s activities. It also serves as an avenue to plan out the next day, while thinking of your most treasured memories.

Choose appropriate sleeping positions: When you sleep badly you will wake up in pains. Choosing an appropriate sleeping position is one of the key factors that will guarantee a good night sleep. You can sample positions until you find the one that best suits you, or read about the most appropriate sleeping positions.

I am sure with these simple tricks, you will never miss a day without a good night sleep.


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