Health Benefits of Fresh Fruit Juice Featured

Fresh fruit juices are a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth and get your daily nutrients. Adding juices made from whole, natural fruits and vegetables to your diet in the morning, for lunch or a mid-day snack and even as an after-dinner treat, helps keep you healthy, but don’t forget that fruit still contains sugar so don’t overdo it.

You can have a juice any time of the day for a pick-me-up, but just remember that in order to lose weight you have to create a calorie deficit of about 500 calories a day.

Mix together the following fruits/vegetables in equal parts with ice in a 2:1 ratio (2 parts juice, 1 part ice).

Top 5 Fruit Juices

Apple and Pear

Apple, Pear & Pineapple

Orange and Grapefruit

Apple and Watermelon

Cranberry, Grape and Prune


Top 5 Green Juices

Celery, Spinach, Tomato & Dill

Celery, Spinach, Cabbage, Dill & Lemon

Spinach, Tomato, Garlic, Ginger & Cayenne

Celery, Kale, Tomato, Garlic & Sweet Basil

Cucumber, Parsley, Celery & Ginger


Top 5 Combination Juices

Green Apple, Strawberry, Cucumber, Kale & Mint

Pineapple, Watermelon, Mango & Orange Bell Pepper

Orange, Lemon, Lime & Ginger

Pineapple, Orange, Watermelon, Spinach & Cayenne

Blueberry, Raspberry, Cabbage, Cucumber & Mint

Use just a touch of dill, lemon, cayenne, sweet basil, ginger and mint.

Health Benefits
The combinations of fruit and vegetables listed above offer a variety of health benefits, and when combined these superfoods pack a powerful nutritional punch. For example, cucumber alone helps cleanse the body, specifically the kidneys while parsley offers mild diuretic properties. The alkaline fluid of watermelon neutralizes acids and flushes toxins out of the kidneys. So for a whole body cleanse, a juice that contains a combination of cucumber, watermelon and parsley along with a touch of ginger provides a total detoxification of some of your most important elimination organs, and it tastes fantastic! These juices also act as a blood cleanser, and offer sustained energy plus a metabolic boost to support weight loss goals.

Why Juice?
If you are trying to cut calories, hunger can be a challenging obstacle. A short juice fast (1 day) can help train your body and mind to consume less food, and fewer calories. However, many people are unaware that store-bought juices do not contain all the nutrients you’d hope would be in fruit or vegetable juice. Bottled juices must be pasteurized in order to stay on the shelf. Because the shelf life of fresh juice is short, the pasteurization process allows the juice to remain in stores until it reaches the consumer but it also loses all of the important nutrients, leaving behind only sugar and flavor. That’s no good, so you want to be sure that if you are doing a short juice fast, or just substituting a meal that you make the juice that day.

Vitamix blenders are the perfect complement to our clean, lean approach to eating. Vitamix blenders puree a variety of whole foods into a completely smooth consistency, without losing any of the fiber or nutrients. Prepare everything from smoothies, ice creams, frozen drinks, and full-fiber juices to nut butters, creamy dips, salad dressings, and sauces.


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