Moody Month App: Addressing Mental Health Issues Featured

Moody Month App: Addressing Mental Health Issues Source: Forbes

These Female Founders Are Addressing A Majorly Neglected Area of Women's Mental Health with This App
By Megan Bruneau


As a therapist and executive coach, I frequently speak with badass women encouraged to medicate away their feelings. Ashamed over what they perceive to be "emotional instability," they fear they're "too sensitive" to warrant a seat in the boardroom. They've been told tears don't belong in the workplace. They believe they're frauds the moment they notice anxiety creeping in (and then feel another layer of anxiety telling them to get rid of their anxiety).

I can't blame my clients for pathologizing their emotions and seeking a "solution" to their biology. Our rationality-valuing culture encourages logic and stoicism (well, until it doesn't). We're told to "Be positive!" – that our moods are all about the "mindset" we choose – and that sadness or anxiety are signs of mental illness. And of all the negative adjectives that can be used to describe women, "crazy" and "moody" are two of the worst – the antithesis to the perception of the competent businesswoman.

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